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Let me tell you more about panic attacks and other anxiety disorders. Just click on the screen below:

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The Science Bit

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What are Panic Attacks and anxiety Disorders? What’s the cause?

Dr.Joseph LeDoux

Dr. Joseph E. LeDoux is one of the pioneers of  the work and theory that underpins the Neurocalm Method™. He is a neuroscientist who is also the director of the Centre for the Neuroscience of Fear and Anxiety, at University Centre in New York City.  He is acknowledged as a world-wide expert in pathological fear. His work is devoted to researching and understanding pathological fear and anxiety in humans. LeDoux's research interests are focused on the biological underpinnings of memory and emotion,

especially the mechanisms of fear. His work, outlined in his book, “The Emotional Brain: The Mysterious Underpinnings of Emotional Life”, has been essential to understanding how panic attacks and other anxiety disorder s are caused, and more importantly ..................  how to cure them.

The Science Bit

The human body is an amazing thing. Our bodies seem to be specially designed to save us from harm.

For instance, if we cut a finger, the body recognises there’s a cut and it only takes a few days before the wound is healed. When we catch illnesses such as cold, the germs are detected in the body and antibodies surround the germs and destroy them.  Our bodies are working day and night to protect us, and the amazing thing is, that it's all completely automatic, and designed to keep us safe from harm.

There's another system in body that’s similarly designed to keep us from harm, and it’s called the flight or fight response, it's the body's response to fear, and it's this system that’s at the heart of your panic attack.

Let's take a look at a simplified explanation of this fear response.  There are two paths that happen in the fear response, and both occur simultaneously, it's the simpler of the two paths that can cause the onset of a panic attack.

Let's imagine you see what looks like a snake in the grass while you’re out walking.

Your brain sends the information from your eyes to a part of the brain known as the thalamus.  The thalamus doesn't know if the signals it's receiving are indicating danger or not, but since they might

be, it forwards the information to another part of the brain known as the amygdala.  The amygdala is a little bit like a thermostat; if the messages it’s receiving from the thalamus indicate a stress higher than its normal thermostatic setting, the amygdala will assume danger, as in the case of the possible snake in the grass, and the amygdala will set off the flight or fight


The sensations involved in the fear reaction and the sensations of panic attacks are exactly the same; fast heartbeat, increased breathing, sweating, trembling, dry mouth, tingling hands and feet, and so on. Not all these sensations may occur in one panic attack and different people notice different feelings. But basically

 the reaction is the same.

The second path in the fear response is longer and more thoughtful. While the first path is initiating the flight or fight response, just in case it really is a snake, the second path is considering all of the options. Is it a snake, or is it an old piece of hosepipe?

fight response is shut down.


The amygdala, like a light switch, is either switched “anxiety on” or “anxiety off” . But under normal circumstances it’s only triggered when real danger exists. In anxiety disorders, the “switch” gets artificially stuck in the “anxiety on” position, causing constant anxiety symptoms even when NO real danger exists.

So if you find you’re feeling anxious when there is nothing to be frightened of, you are not experiencing true anxiety.You can see how that works now. What you are experiencing is    an inappropriate reaction of the amygdala, NOT true fear!

The Neurocalm Method™ specifically tells you what you can start doing RIGHT NOW to rapidly and permanently do away with your anxiety, panic attacks, phobias and obsessions... Guaranteed!

You are not mentally ill or physically ill !

Anxiety, panic attacks, OCD and phobias are not illnesses. You are not mentally ill or physically ill. They are behavioural conditions which have resulted from an adjustment of the amygdala in the brain.

Its all caused by “Operant Conditioning”.

This all happens as a result of a process named Operant Conditioning.

Think of it this way; let's say your absolutely favourite food smell in the world is sizzling bacon. Just thinking about it makes your mouth water.

The aroma of that sizzling bacon, whenever you think about, automatically makes your mouth water.

Now let's say that every time I let you smell that sizzling bacon cooking, I say, “COME AND GET IT!” After a long while of doing this, I won't have to let you smell the bacon, and you won't even have to think about it

The Neurocalm Method™ has been developed from many years of research by top worldwide mental health organisations, and the scientific methods and strategies used have been


in their “Effective Interventions Summary Report”.

Where did it all start?

People can develop panic attacks in response to not only unpleasant events in life, like losing your job,  a bereavement, divorce , overwork, relationship problems, illness and accidents, but also in response to pleasant things. Getting married, starting a new job, having a baby and taking a holiday are all potential stressors that can induce a panic attack. In addition, researchers have identified the loss of support as something which can provoke the onset of panic attacks. Difficulties that stretch back as far as childhood, such as emotional abandonment, strict and controlling parents, over parenting and physical or sexual abuse

are just some of the problems that can also be responsible for panic attacks much later in life. (Please be reassured that I am NOT saying that all people suffering from panic, OCD, phobias or anxiety attacks

at this time a person can experience feeling overly anxious, have disturbing thoughts and even experience a panic attack, when they know in reality there is no danger. Understanding the flight or fight response and Operant Conditioning through the

Are you beginning to see how buying the Neurocalm Method™ will change your life?

As well as the powerful strategy described above, the Neurocalm Method™ will also address other methods for dealing with the other background issues that contribute to the onset and continuation of panic attacks and other anxiety disorders.


 research of dedicated scientists and psychologists, along with my own extensive psychotherapy training;  and, over 12 years of working as a therapist with those suffering from panic attacks, and other anxiety disorders, has enabled me to develop a system for reprogramming the amygdala directly. Enabling the thermostat to be turned back down to its normal setting. One of the ways in which the Neurocalm Method™  works is to permanently reverse this thermostat-like setting in the amygdala, back to normal.

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cooking. Just my saying “COME AND GET IT!” will be enough for your mouth to begin watering, because you have come to associate those words with smelling that sizzling bacon. That’s Operant Conditioning.

Anxiety is conditioned in exactly the same way. We become programmed to respond with anxiety and/or panic attacks even when it is inappropriate. When anxiety reaches a certain level, you experience panic attacks, phobias, obsessions and all the other physical and psychological expressions of anxiety. You have become programmed to be anxious all the time!

This is the reason why you react so adversely to even the slightest thing with anxiety, panic attacks and other symptoms, it's why your life is dominated by high anxiety and you no longer cope like you used to. It is the sole cause of every panic attack, anxiety attack, thought, sensation, symptom or pain you experience.

Have been abandoned, controlled or abused ...... only a small minority.)

All of these stresses both good and bad can cause the thermostatic dial of the amygdala to be altered in such a way that the amygdala fires up the flight or fight response much too early.  In fact the flight or fight response begins when there is nothing to be afraid of.  It's

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This longer process involves other  parts of the brain, and if those parts of the brain decide that it is a hosepipe, and there is no danger, then it sends a message to the amygdala and the fight or